Open Gate Zendo

Open Gate Zendo is open to anyone who wishes to practice or experience Zen training and/or the Zen arts regardless of their experience, spiritual beliefs or religious affiliations. First time practitioners are always welcome and are encouraged to participate without being burdened with undue obligations or expectations. Anyone who regularly attends practice sessions, receives training or otherwise contributes to the sangha is considered a member of the Open Gate sangha. There are no requirements for sangha members to become members of the religious order.

Mountain Way Zen

Mountain Way Zen is a universal, egalitarian practice of Zen for Wayfarers from various faiths and walks of life whose spiritual explorations have led them to the practices of Zen Buddhism.

Silky Oak Zen

We are a small community devoted to awakening the heart of wisdom and compassion. Our Sangha has a common commitment to cultivate our practice in our daily lives, in society and in all our relationships. We offer support for meditation and mindfulness, whether at home, work or at the centre. We are a non-profit organisation which offers a setting for people of various backgrounds to simply cultivate the practice of Zen.

Lotus Sangha of Northwest Arkansas

Lotus Sangha exists to support inquirers and the Buddhist community by providing religious services, liturgical observances, individual and group instruction, opportunities for service and to spread the teachings and practices of the Buddha as we have received them in the Linji School of the Chan Tradition (Hsu Yun Lineage).

Aspen Tree Sangha

Aspen Tree Sangha is an online community of dharma practitioners who gather via Zoom every Sunday evening to share meditation, good-friendship, emotional care, dharma discussion, and advice along the path. Like a grove of aspen trees, where many trunks share one root system, we may appear to be geographically separate - but beneath the surface, we are connected by the roots of our practice.

Originally founded to support LGBTQ+ and allied Buddhists, Aspen Tree Sangha is inclusive of all sincere seekers. Whatever your background, identity, or level of experience, you are welcome here. The Way is universal, whether you're a brand-new meditator or an old Buddhist hand.