The Main entrance gate of the first Lone Wolf Hermitage(Koro-An) after a winter snow, 1998.

Koin-An Zen Dojo Sangha, 2002

Second Koin-An Zendo in 2004.

Second Koin-An Dojo dedication, 2004.

Koin-An Zen Dojo Sangha on the steps of the main house of Koin-An, 2005.

Open Gate Zendo under construction, Summer 2006.

Inside Open Gate Zendo, October 2006.

Open Gate Zendo, December 2007.

Rohatsu Sesshin at Open Gate Zendo, December 2008.

December Snow at Open Gate Zendo, 2008.

Open Gate Zendo Sangha, June 2009.

Mountain Way Zendo Dedication, August 2012

Mountain Way Zen Sangha, April 2013

Arkansas Sangha, 2013

Ordination Arkansas, May 2013

Open Gate Zendo Sangha, July 2013.

Open Gate Zendo Sangha July 2014

Silky Oak Sangha, 2015 (Australia)

Open Gate Zendo Sangha May 2015

Silky Oak Sangha 2016

Open Gate Zendo August 2017

Open Gate Zendo Sangha August 2019

Martin Luther King Jr. Silent Peace walk January 2020

Kammassaka Zen Buddhist and Yoga Retreat Australia 2021

Order of the Boundless Way 20th Anniversary July 2022